Car Adviser is a company specializing in advice and assistance for the purchase of new or used vehicles. Our goal is to find the vehicle of your dreams by facilitating the purchase process. We understand that you have different automotive interests and needs and we offer these services to meet all of your expectations. We are partners of car manufacturers present in Israel, which allows us to have the best reductions in the country!

Our services are divided into 3 parts:

choice and negotiations: Thanks to our team of automotive experts and our automotive partners present in Israel, we guarantee you the lowest prices on new or used vehicles.

Assistance & Financing: We will listen to you and answer all your questions from the beginning to the end of the purchase process and even more! In addition, we will facilitate the request for credit or leasing on all new vehicles (See conditions by email or telephone).

Final purchase and after-sales support: We will be present during the purchase process of your car (Bank and registration) but also after the purchase during the delivery (possibility of delivering it to your home) the selection of your insurance , the technical maintenance of your vehicle (our team will take care of picking up and taking your vehicle to the various interviews and bringing it back to the address of your choice) as well as a tailor-made service according to your needs after purchase .

Car Adviser understands that acquiring a car today is a complicated and long process. A process that many people do not want to accomplish for several reasons (Time, Market knowledge, Price etc.). Our mission is not only to assist you but to do all the legwork for you without you lifting a finger.

Make an appointment with one of our advisers and you will understand!

Our prices are established according to the category of car, its price but also according to your needs and your expectations. Our commission is 4% excluding VAT of the final price of the vehicle, which makes Car adviser one of the cheapest car providers in the country!

For that, it’s very simple, call us at 0584007968 or send an email to contact@caradviser.io
And if you prefer face to face, come and visit us at our offices at 11 rehov hakalir, Netanya.

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